1st April 2014



To whom it may concern at New Zealand Golf Incorporated and Affiliated Members.

Due to the changes in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 The Kaikoura Golf Club would formally like to offer “Reciprocal Visiting Rights” to members and guests of all affiliated golf clubs that fall under the New Zealand Golf Incorporated authority. This means that registered club members on New Zealand Golf’s DotGolf Database and their guests will be able to enter and use our clubhouse facilities throughout the year, including purchasing and consuming alcohol on club premises. The purpose of the visit can be, local competition between clubs, District Association sanctioned competitions and all competitions under the control of New Zealand Golf Incorporated.

The Reciprocal Visiting Right does not include free access to play our golf course unless we have an existing Reciprocal Playing Right agreement with any visiting members’ home golf club.

This letter is to formalise an agreement between all affiliated golf clubs to New Zealand Golf Incorporated and will ensure that we don’t breach the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.


Yours faithfully

Karin Rouse


Kaikoura Golf Club Inc



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