If you are looking for your next challenge, we are seeking a partnership or job share position to manage our clubhouse

Flexibility is very important as the course is open 7 days a week.

To succeed in this position it would be an advantage if the applicants jointly are able to demonstrate the following:

  1. Be responsible to manage the day to day management of the club, cafeteria and bar, retail, and stock control.
  2. To have the skills to maintain all accounting and financial tasks including accounts payable/receivable, month and year end processing, bank reconciliation and IRD returns, fortnightly payroll and membership records
  3. To have excellent people and customer service skills.
  4. Competent computer skills.
  5. Catering and beverages experience for major events.
  6. Hold a Duty Manager’s Licence or work towards applying for one.
  7. Maintain the club house in a clean and tidy manner.
  8. You must hold a current Covid Vaccination Pass.

A background Police Check will be required.

If you believe you have the skills and attributes to succeed in this vital role, a job description is available from the address below. 

Please mail or email your CV and cover letter to the address below.

Applications close 4pm 28 February 2022

The President

Kaikoura Golf Cub

49 Tauhou Place

Kaikoura 7300

Email mharg1144@gmail.com

Phone 03 319 6717

Schedule A



  1. Responsible to the President of the club.
  2. Responsible for the day-to-day management of the Club, bar and shop.
  3. Maintain a high level of service and hospitality to visitors and members.
  4. Take all fees due for green fees, club hire, cart hire and where required match fees.
  5. When the Club House is unattended, ensure the honesty system for green fee players is in place.
  6. Police green fees and if necessary check that players on the course have paid the required fees.
  7. Comply with the Club’s Liquor Licence issued under the sale of Liquor Act.
  8. Maintain all the Clubs hire equipment in a clean and tidy manner.
  9. Maintain the interior of the Club House in a clean and tidy manner.
  10. Ensure a continued supply of wood as required for the fire in the Club House.
  11. Carry out any additional duties from time to time as requested by the President.
  12. To ensure the security systems of the Club House, its equipment and stock etc are adequately in place at all times. An additional Code 9 person will be assigned.
  13. To ensure the Club’s procedures, etiquette and standards of behaviour, and dress etc are made aware to visitors and members and are enforced.
  14. To be an enthusiastic and confident representative of the game, club, its services and facilities by way of promotional activity and club events.
  15. To be responsible for cart maintenance.


  1. Check all visitors have a current Vaccination Pass.


  1. Maintain the clubs accounting records including the end of year financial reports and the preparation for auditing. 
  2. Purchase all stocks necessary to meet the requirements of the club.
  3. Keep an order book for all orders made, check all invoices and incoming goods against orders, and accounts against invoices.
  4. Daily balance of the till and maintain the daily sale records.
  5. Prepare and deposit banking weekly.
  6. Give full access of the club books and record to the clubs internal auditors at all times.


  1. Attend the Committee meetings and annual general meeting of the club and take minutes of the meetings and give notice of such meetings as required.
  2. Keep a register of current membership, classes and address, send out accounts for subscriptions, notify the committee of all resignations and application for membership.
  3. Manage and distribute mail and emails received by the Club.
  4. Prepare and send out Club correspondence.
  5. Look at any marketing opportunities for the club.
  6. Become familiar with the club’s computer programmes, including Dot Golf.
  7. To be responsible for website updates.


  1. Maintaining of good relations with sponsors.
  2. Assist in the distribution of tournament posters and, if requested, in the purchase of prizes and trophies and in the general advertising of tournaments.
  3. Arrange catering for match/tournament players whenever required to do so in conjunction with the committee.
  4. Set up Dot Golf for day’s competition.


  1. Ensure that the shop is stocked with sufficient suitable merchandise to meet the golfing needs of members and visitors.
  2. Ensure that the bar is at all times suitably stocked with alcoholic and non alcoholic liquors and light refreshments.
  3. Ensure that tea, coffee and food is available for members and visitors at all times.
  4. Cater for meals for tournament events and visiting groups.
  5. Ensure that the MPI Food Control Plan is complied with.

Schedule B


  1. Put out signs
  2. Clean toilets and replenish paper, empty bins and put out clean towels
  3. Vacuuming
  4. Food in servery.
  5. Bar cleaning, glasses to be polished regularly, chiller door to be cleaned regularly, spirit pourers to be washed monthly. Bar shelves to be wiped down weekly. Tops to be removed off bottles for recycling.
  6. On quiet days such cleaning as stoves, fridges, veranda and tables, windows and microwaves as necessary.
  7. Golf clubs to be cleaned with damp cloth as they are returned.
  8. Before leaving at night
  9. All bar glasses to be washed in bar.
  10. Dishes washed and sterilised.
  11. Benches wiped down.
  12. Tables in clubhouse wiped over.
  13. Rubbish bin emptied
  14. All food and perishables placed in cooler or fridge overnight.
  15. Kitchen floor to be swept to discourage mice.
  16. Signs brought in at night.
  17. Float for next day.
  18. Lock up,
    1. draw drapes
    1.  lock main entrance.
    1. Lock up the garage,
    1. Make sure ladies’ toilet outside door is locked.
    1. Set alarm and lock exit door.

Schedule C


Our customers and members are the main part of our business. They must be served cheerfully and politely at all times. 


It is your responsibility to check your rostered hours of work and to ensure you start work on time.  If you are unable to report for duty, or if you are going to be late for duty you are required to advise your supervisor or management at your earliest opportunity.


Smoking, drinking or chewing gum while on duty are not permitted.  Eating and drinking behind the bar is not permitted.


Personal phone calls should be avoided during work hours. 


The cash and till handling procedures of the golf club must be strictly adhered to at all times.  No credit is to be extended to any customer without the prior consent of the House Convenor.


No staff accounts, no facilities for staff IOUs. Borrowing money from the tills, operating a till or using an account of the premises to pay for your own purchases is not permitted.  No drink or stock to be removed from the premises. No food to be removed from the premises without prior consent of the House Convenor.


A daily record to be made of hours of work, and any significant occurrences at the club eg health and safety issues, ad hoc ordering, sales reps, breakaages……..


The safety and security of employees and customers is of paramount importance.  You have a joint responsibility with management to ensure and maintain a safe working environment.  You are required to take all reasonable care in the performance of your work to ensure not only your own safety, but also that of your fellow employees and customers. ANY WORK-RELATED ACCIDENT must be reported to your supervisor and an ACC accident report form must be completed.   In the event of any potentially violent situation arising, such as a hold up, do not try to be a hero.  Do exactly what the offender tells you.  As soon as practical and when safe to do so, contact management and the police.  In the event of a burglary, so not unnecessarily disturb the crime scene.  Contact management immediately.  In the event of any potentially violent behaviour arising in the premises eg bar areas, alert your supervisor or management.


Under no circumstances should any information learned at work relating to management, customers or any fellow employee, be disclosed to any other person.


For the avoidance of confusion, the following acts listed may contravene your conditions of employment and may result in disciplinary action being taken, continued contravention may result in dismissal:

  1. Absenteeism or lateness
  2. Absence from your place of work during rostered hours
  3. Failure to complete assigned duties
  4. Failure to safeguard the establishment’s property
  5. Unacceptable appearance
  6. Unacceptable behaviour towards customers or other staff

The following acts are considered serious misconduct and may result in summary dismissal:

  1. Dishonest of any kind
  2. Unauthorised possession of property belonging to the establishment
  3. Consuming using or being under the influence of alcohol, non prescribed or illegal drugs while on duty or while present on the premises for any other reason
  4. Insubordination, threatening or abusive behaviour
  5. Wilful damage to property belonging to the establishment, customers or other staff members
  6. Falsification of timesheets or any other document pertaining to the establishment