Dear Members,

             Thankyou to those who attended the AGM last night.  

Our new Officers and Committee were elected, I am happy to advise that Michael Hargreaves had taken over from John Gibson as President, I am sure he will do a great job.   Thankyou to John Gibson for his work in this position over the last two years.    

Vice President: Rod Ensor, 

Men’s Club Captain: Rimas Maciulaitis, 

Women’s Club Captain: Jenny Davies, 

Women’s Vice Club Captain: Chrissie Mackie, 

Treasurer: Ron Mackle

Committee:  Peter Harvey, Dave Telfer, Liam Harnett, Alan Hickey, Eddie Eaton, John Price, Ted Howard

Other points of interest

Subscriptions: There will be no increase in the 2022/23

Club Patron: Peter Harvey, Ron Mackle was also elected but did not accept the position

Vaccine Policy:  There was quite a lot of discussion on this subject, but a show of hands resulted in only two being against.  It is unfortunate that the club has had to go this way, however for the health and safety of our member’s there was no option and many other golf club’s are doing the same.  Please read the attached information, hopefully you will find this useful.

Take care