Hello everyone,

            May already, the year is certainly flying by and aren’t the morning’s and evenings been a bit chilly!!

Wednesday, 28th – Women – Canadian Foursomes

1st  Chrissie Mackie/Cath Jopp

Thursday, 29th – Vets – Stableford

Women – 18 hole   1st  Judy Burrows,  2nd  Judy York

Men – 1st  Gary Monk  39,  2nd  Neville Smith  37,  3rd  Ray Canavan  37,  4th  Neil Whitehead  37,  5th  John Price  35

CTP Brian Richards

Saturday, 1st May – Women – 2nd Rd Handicap Cup

1st  Judy York 76,  2nd  Yvonne Gibson  76,  3rd  Val Graham  77                      Congratulations to Yvonne on winning the Handicap Cup

Women’ s Interclub team Jill, Chrissie, Lyn and Val had a loss against Picton at Marlborough yesterday.

Men – Stableford

1st  Ben Ford  32,  2nd  John Gibson  31,  3rd  Barrie Graham  31,  4th  Ray Canavan  31

CTP – No. 18 Mike Hargreaves, who also got his two

Sunday,  2nd Round Club Champ qualifying

Div 1 –  1st  Phil Richardson  75,  2nd  Craig Ladner  75,  3rd  Marty Price  75

Div 2 – 1st  Neil Pablecheque  79,  2nd  Barney Muir  84,  3rd  Robbie Franklin  85

Div 3 –  1st  Richard Clemett  96,  2nd  Neil Whitehead  98,  3rd  Mike Hargreaves  100

CTP – (Lobster Inn)  Eddie Eaton           No. 9 (Dolphin Encounter in two shots – Alan Hickey

Twos – Neil Pablecheque, Barney Muir No. 4,  Marty Price No. 8

Pennants – Our team – Yvonne, Maureen, Judy Burrows, Judy Hickey, Ange and Polly played here against Blenheim today and had a win here today, well done ladies;

Hurunui Plate – Chrissie/Barb,  Jill/Francis, Thora/Cath Jopp played a Scargill today results unavailable  as yet

Whats on this week:

Wednesday, 5th – Women – Davies Cup 2nd Rd – Stableford

Thursday, 6th – Vets – Stableford

Saturday, 8th – Women – LGU – 1st Rd Club Championships     Men – All Irons

Sunday, 9th – Barron Pot

Kaikoura Hunting & Fishing Mens Open, Sunday, 6th June

Mens Mid-week Open, Wednesday, 16th June   – Full details for both tournaments and list for entries is up on the noticeboard please get your names up if you are intending to play

VETS/TOP DOG draws are up, please get your matches played by the due date.

BAXTER CUP –  Val Graham/Jules Holden  play  Judy York/Ray Canavan in the Final

Well that is about it from me

Have a great week and take care