Hi everyone,

Not long now until Santa comes, where has the year gone???????????

This weeks results

Thursday, 6th Dec – Vets Day

Women’s 9 Hole – Stableford – 1st Emiko Leary 14         2nd  Betty Van Berkel  14

Men – Irish Stableford

1st  Nevin Wright & Gary Monk  74               2nd  Gary Monk & Rob Ellis   67

3rd  Mick York & Sam Leary  67

CTP – Gary Monk

You maybe wondering how Monkey got first and second, no I haven’t made a mistake, he had two partner’s and well it was an “Irish Stableford”

Saturday, 8th – Summer Cup – Stableford

1st  Barry Voice  43                          2nd  Alan Hickey   41               3rd  Peter Harvey    40

CTP – Allan Heffer



A good turnout with a field of 57 including visitor’s from Hawarden, Blenheim, Picton and Rarangi – Congratulation’s to all our prize winners and thankyou all for supporting this tournament.


1st  Thora Lawson  62                     2nd  Erin Mulholland  65          3rd  Judy York  68

4th  Judy Burrows  69                       5th  Maureen Morris  72

6th  Judith Sowden 74                      7th    Chrissie Mackie  75

CTP – Judy York No. 4,  Jenny Davies No. 18


Men’s Div 1

1st  Roger Sowden  67              2nd  Tony Guthrie  67                 3rd  Nevin Wright  68

4th  JP Roberts  69                    5th  Jules Holden  69                 6th  Luke Austin  70

6th  Luke Austin  70                   7th  Dave Mackie  70                 8th  Richard Howard  71

9th  Rodney Goodman  71

Men’s Div 2

1st  Len Gilbeck  65                          2nd  Eddie Eaton  65               3rd  Alan Hickey 65

4th  Mark Ingham  67                      5th  Peter Morrison  68           6th  Neil Whitehead  68

6th  Neil Whitehead  68                   7th  Kevin Genet  68               8th  Barrie Graham  68

9th  Ray Canavan  69

CTP – Kevin Genet No. 4, Owen Gibbs No. 18


Twos – Nevin Wright, Barrie Graham No. 4, Julian Holden, No. 4 and No. 8, Phil Richardson and Owen Gibbs No. 18

HAM RAFFLES: We run 7 of these over the last few weeks and they were drawn yesterday, the lucky winner’s are:

  1. Marty Price  No. 39
  2. Mike Neal  No. 35
  3. JP Roberts No. 30
  4. Barry Stammers No. 27
  5. Steve Rouse No. 33
  6. Allan Heffer No. 14
  7. Erin Mulholland No. 18

Whats on This Week

Thursday, 13th – VETS CLOSING DAY – 10.00am tee off and 11.00am for the 9 Holers, please bring a $5.00 gift suitably wrapped for Christmas, and you are not required to bring a prize for the raffle table as there will be a meat raffle $2.00 per ticket.  Afternoon tea will be at 2.30pm with prizegiving and drawing of the raffle at 3.15pm.

Both the golf and function will go ahead wet or fine.

Saturday, 15th – Summer Cup

Sunday, 16th – Summer Cup

LOTTO – This weeks winner Steve Rouse with No. 33


It has been well advertised that there are some significant rule changes coming into play as from January, so please make sure you have one of the new rule books, these are available from the office, so make sure you pick one up if you haven’t got one.


SUBS – Thankyou to those who have paid their subs, if you haven’t yet got your Membership Tag, these can be collected from the office.

Well that’s about it from me, have a great week