Hi there,

               A good turnout for our Waitangi Day Stableford Tournament with 56 players entering, thankyou to all our member’s, the group from Awatere and other visitor’s for supporting this event making the day a success.

Women –  1st  Val Graham  42,  2nd  Chrissie Mackie  37,  3rd  Jenny Davies  37,  4th  Mary-Anne Reinke  34,  5th  Maureen Morris  33,  6th  Judy York  32

Men – Senior’s –   1st  Morne Heenen  41,  2nd  Liam Harnett  40,  3rd  John Price  39,  4th  Greg Jowers  39,  5th  Keith Roger  38,  6th   Barney Muir  38,  7th  Aaron Reid  37,  8th  Tony Guthrie  37

9th  Shane Waters  36,  10th  Tony Lloyd  36,  11th  Rod Ensor  36,  12th  Alan Hickey  36

Men – Junior’s –  1st  Glen Ormsby  41,  2nd  Gary Wright  40,  3rd  Allan Heffer  39,  4th  Ron Robson  39,  5th  Trevor Ruawai  39,  6th  John Byrne  38,  7th  Mike Hargreaves  37,  8th  Gerald Johnson  35,

9th  Brian Williams  35,  10th  Eric Baynton  35,  11th  Ray Canavan  35,  12th  Greg Drake  34

CTP – Men  – Brian Williams No.4,  Tony Lloyd No. 18            Women – Chrissie Mackie  No. 18

Two’s Tony Lloyd No. 18

Saturday, 8th – Par

1st  Ted Howard  0,  2nd Chris Monk  0,  3rd Alan Hickey  -1,  4th  Allan Heffer  -1,  5th  Luke Austin  -1

CTP – Chris Monk

Sunday, 9th – Barron Pot

Congratulations to this month’s winner Dave Mackie with 69,  2nd  Kevin Genet  69,  3rd  Luke Austin  69,  4th  Peter Morrison  69,  5th  Alan Hickey  70,  6th  Allan Heffer  71,  7th  Barney Muir  72, 

8th  Barry Voice  72,  9th  Geoff Harmon

Whats on next week

Thursday, 13th – Vets Opening Day – 11.00am tee off

Saturday, 15th – Stroke

Sunday, 16th – American Foursomes

Monday, 17th – Gathering for Val Reinke at 2.00pm

CLUB OPENING DAY – Saturday, 29th February

WOMEN’S OPENING DAY – Wednesday, 4th February

VETS AND TOP DOG – lists are on the board for those wishing to play

CLUB CHAMPS – list for names will be put up on Opening Day 

SUBS – a reminder that member’s need to be paid up by Opening Day, those who remain unfinancial after this time will not be eligible to play in any matchplay events


Thankyou to all member’s for your patience and understanding, while our printer is away being fixed, it has been frustrating for those having to put the photocopied cards in manually, and member’s having to fill out all their detail’s, however we have muddled through with not too many casualties and hopefully it won’t be for too much longer!!!


If anyone can help out in the bar and catering during the time Steve and I are away  Monday, 17th February – Sunday, 1st March, can you please give John Gibson a call  3195840  or 0211683384  it would be very much appreciated.

Well that is about it from me

Enjoy your week.