Hi everyone,

               Well here we are last weekend in March already and the warm weather continues, although the forecast is not great for the next few days.  Another busy weekend for the club this weekend which is great.

The weeks results:

Wednesday, 24th – 1st Rd O’Connor Cup – nett

1st  Ange Van Rooyen  68,  2nd  Yvonne Gibson  68,  3rd  Lyn Schott  71

CTP – Chrissie Mackie

Thursday, 25th – Vets – Stableford – a very good turnout with over 40 player’s

Women’s – 9 Hole 1st  Zelda Boyd  17      

                   18 Hole – 1st  Frances Nixon  31,  2nd  Judy Hickey 29

Men – 1st  Ray Canavan  39,  2nd Craig Usmar  38,  3rd  Morne Heenen 39, 4th  Brian Richards  35, 5th Jules Holden 35

Twos – Ray Canavan No. 4, Morne Heenen   No. 4 and 18

Saturday, 27th

Women – 1st Rd Handicap Cup – Nett

1st  Val Graham 70,  2nd  Margie Mackle  70,  3rd  Yvonne Gibson  70,  4th  Jenny Davies  72

CTP – Jill Carpinter

Twos – Maureen Morris No. 4, Yvonne Gibson  No. 1

Men – Par

1st  Mark Ingham  1,  2nd  Peter Harvey  0, 3rd  Craig Ladner 0, 4th  Barrie Graham -1,  5th  Neil Whitehead -1

CTP – Barrie Stammers

Two – Peter Harvey No. 18

Sunday, 28th- Women

Two teams travelled to Awatere to play in the Ryniker Cup and Duncan Salver. A very hot and windy day.

Ryniker Cup team of :

Chrissie Mackie, Jill Carpinter,  Barbara Ford, Angela Van Rooyen. won the nett cup (three best netts count)

Duncan Salver team:

Lyn Schott, Sharon Neal, Jenny Davies Yvonne Gibson won Duncan Salver best gross (three best gross scores count)

Congratulations,  well done.

Mens Club Champ Qualifying

Senior –  1st  Arron Pablecheque  74,  2nd  Richard Baxter  75,  3rd  Peter Harvey  76

Intermediate – 1st  Neil Pablecheque  77,  2nd  Robbie Franklin  80,  3rd  John Flynn  80

Junior – 1st  Bryan Seddon  86,  2nd  Richard Clemett  91,  3rd  Craig Usmar  93

Presidents – 1st  John Gibson  104,  2nd  Ron Mackle 110

CTP – BP2GO – Tony Guthrie     No. 9 in two shots – Dolphin Encounter – Neil Pablecheque

Twos – Rimas Maciulaitis  No. 18

Whats on this week

Wednesday, 31st – Women – Davies Cup 1st Rd – Nett

Thursday, 1st April – Vets – 11.00am tee off – Stableford

Saturday, 3rd and Sunday 4th Easter Weekend Tournament – still spaces available so get your names up if you wish to play,  tee off times between 11.00am and 12.noon


Thankyou to all those who have put their names up for Top Dog and Vets, the will be coming down on Thursday.

BAXTER CUP – the draw is on the Noticeboard, please ensure matches are played by the due date.

That is about it from me

Have a great week, take care and if you are going away over the Easter Weekend, I wish you all safe travels.