HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES, I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas.   Here’s hoping it will be a great golfing year, with no disruptions to our programme of events.  

Congratulations to Ailsa and Ted Howard who have both been awarded a Queen’s Service Medal in the New Year’s Honour’s for their services in conservation a great achievement for all their hard work.

Thursday, 30th – Pete’s $5.00 haggle

Women – 1st  Judy York  42,  2nd  Jill Carpinter  35

Men – 1st  Karl Siave  42,  2nd Neville Smith  41,  3rd  Kevin Genet  41,  4th Doug Lawson  39,  5th Terry Clark  37,

6th  Robbie Franklin  37

Our first event for 2022 the New Year’s Day Tournament, and despite number’s being down on previous year’s it was a great success, thankyou to those member’s and visitor’s who played and congratulations to our winner’s.


 Gross – 1st  Jill Carpinter  91,  2nd  Nadine Lang  92

Nett –     1st Judy York  68,  2nd  Chris Plimmer  72

CTP – No. 4 Nadine Lang

Twos – Nadine Lang No. 4,  Anne Siave  No. 18


Div 1 – Gross – 1st  Marty Price  72,  2nd  Peter Harvey  75

Nett – 1st  Paul Hughes  65,  2nd  Owen Gibbs  70,  3rd  Dean Tiweka  70,  4th  Ian Hale  73,  5th  Mark Milne  73

6th – Gavin Tapiata  74

Div 2 – Gross – 1st  Karl Siave  86,  2nd  Tony Nixon  87

Nett – Alan Plante  65,  2nd  Tui Taylor  72,  3rd  Chris Cuff  73,  4th  Bob Plimmer 74,  5th  Henry Siave  75,

6th  Kerry Harris  76

CTP – No. 4  Jules Holden  No. 18 Robbie Franklin

Twos – Robbie Franklin No. 4,  Bob Plimmer  No. 8,  Paul Hughes,  JP Roberts, Jules Holden,  Henry Siave   No. 18

Sunday, 2nd – Stableford –  a very small field of 7 players –

1st  Rimas Maciulaitis  36,  2nd  Peter Morrison  35 and closest to the pin

Coming up this week

Thursday, 6th – Pete’s $5.00 haggle

Saturday, 8th – Summer Cup – Stableford

Sunday, 9th – Barron Pot

OCEAN RIDGE CANCER SOCIETY CHARITY TOURNAMENT, SUNDAY, 6TH FEBRUARY, 2022 full details are on the noticeboard, or I can email them to you, all proceeds of this tournament are going towards the rebuilding of the new Daffodil House.   You maybe wondering why it is called Ocean Ridge, the answer is that Gary Robertson the owner of the sub-divison is a major sponsor giving him naming rights to this event.


Any member/visitor wearing a hat, golf shoes into the clubhouse, having a gin shot,  or any other misdemeanor we see or hear about will be asked to put a coin in the jar, the proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Society together with the above proceeds. 

Well that’s about it for now

See you all soon