Hi all,

          A very busy week, with the Women’s Tournament which run smoothly despite the Level 2 restrictions, they were very lucky with the weather over the three days.  A big thankyou to all those that lent a helping hand in some way whether it be in the organising, scorecards, kitchen, baking, clearing tables, selling raffles, starters and all the other behind the scenes jobs, it was very much appreciated and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thankyou also to our sponsor’s Woolshed Gallery, Dolphin Encounter and Golfhub Marlborough, I am sure Jonti made a few sales over the three days.


Monday, 7th 4BBB – Stableford

1st Lois Cocks/Jackie Hall  42,  2nd  Jenny Davies/Val Graham  42,  3rd  Tanya Moore/Gill Walker  41,  4th  Sandy Holland/Helen Kain  40,  5th  Avis Kemp/Barbara Simpson  40,  6th  Sally Manning/Diana Clark  40,  7th  Marie Bell/Annette Tansey  40,  8th  Donna Edmonds/Janet Nicholls  39,  9th  Barbara Winstone/Fran Sutherland  39,

10th  Kaye Dickson/Susan Greenstreet  39

Twos – Polly Ruawai No. 4, Judy York, Julie Battersby, Sandy Holland No. 18

Tuesday, 8th – Stableford

Div 1

1st  Natalie Reed  36,  2nd  Sue Murray  36,  3rd  Tracy Bary  35,  4th  Lynn Brand  34,  5th  Barbara Simpson  34,

6th  Bridget Quaiffe  32,  7th  Rete Kydd  31,  8th  Di Kay  31,  9th  Erin Mulholland  31,  10th  Kakthryn Maloney 31

Twos – Natalie Reed No. 4, Margaret Williams, Sue Murray No. 18

Div 2

1st  Ange Van Rooyen  38,  2nd  Thora Lawson  37,  3rd  Lyn Schott  36,  4th  Diana Clark  36,  5th  Dawn Ellis  35,

6th  Robyn Thomas  34,  7th  Michelle Fletcher  32,  8th  Sally Manning  32,  9th  Pam Bowden  32,  10th  Annette Tansey 32

Div 3

1st Lois Cocks  39,  2nd  Marie Hill  36,  3rd  Val Graham  35,  4th  Wendy Thorns  34,  5th  Donna Edmonds  34,

6th  Denise Hall  34,  7th  Anne Siave  34,  8th  Jenny Elllison  32,  9th  Jenny Croft  32, 10th  Jociz Deans  32, 

Wednesday, 9th – Championship Round

Gross –Div 1

Congratulations to Tracy Bary winner of the Kaikoura Women’s Championship with 78,  2nd Di Kay  85

Div 2

1st  Diana Clark  91,  2nd  Marilyn Smith  99

Div 3

1st  Dianne Stalker  103,  2nd  Lois Cocks  103

Nett – Div 1

1st  Sue Murray  72,  2nd  Di Kay  73,  3rd  Natalee Reed  73,  4th  Margaret Robertson  74,  5th  Jo Carolan  75, 

6th Erin Mulholland  76,  7th  Sarah Williamson  76,  8th  Barbara Simpson  76,  9th  Lynn Brand  76,  10th  Margaret Williams  77

Twos – Lynn Brand No.4, Sharon Screen, Natalee Reed, Tracy Bary No. 18

Div 2 – Congratulations to Ange Van Rooyen who won the Jo Broadhurst Memorial Trophy with best nett for a local player with 71,  2nd  Tracy Wills  72,  3rd  Dawn Ellis  73,  4th  Adele Wilshire  74,  5th  Jayne Marwick  74,

6th  Sue Cooper  75,  7th  Jenny Davies  76,  8th  Ann Perkins  77,  9th  Sally Manning  77,  10th  Valerie Parsons  77

Twos – Ruth Smith, Kaye Keys No. 1

Div 3 – Linley Trapp  72,  2nd  Donna Edmond  73,  3rd  Marie Hill  74,  4th  Barbara Miller-Davies  75,  5th  Nan Wright  76,  6th  Helen Walls  76,  7th  Anne Siave  76,  8th  Maureen Morris  77,  9th  Janet Nicholls  77,  10th  Jackie Hall  77

Lois Cocks No. 4

CTP – Ruth Smith No. 4,  Sandy Holland No. 18

Div 1 – No. 5 in 3 shots – Lyn Brand

Div 2 – No. 17 in 3 shots – Marilyn Smith

Div 3 – No. 8 in 2 shots – Lois Cocks          

Straightest Drive No. 17 – Kathryn Maloney

Thursday Vets was once again rained off

Saturday,  11th

Women – Nett

1st  Yvonne Gibson  75,  2nd Margie Mackle  76,  3rd  Averill Burrows  78,  4th  Val Graham  79

Men – Stableford

1st  R Wentworth  34,  2nd Ron Mackle  34,  3rd  Ray Canavan  33,   4th  Alan Hickey  33

CTP – Peter Harvey and got the 2

Sunday, 13th – Barron Pot

Congratulations to Alan Hickey our winner this month with nett 66,  2nd  Chris Dudley  68,  3rd  Sam Leary  68,

4th  Richard Howard  70,  5th  Phil Richardson  70,  6th  Steve Gordon  70,  7th  John Price  71, 8th  Mike Hargreaves  71,

9th  John Flynn  71

CTP – Sponsored by Lobster Inn – Phil Richardson

Twos – Alan Hickey No. 8, Mike Hargreaves No. 18

9 Hole – Women – Putts

1st  Chris Telfer  15,  2nd  Betty Van Berkel  17

What’s on this week

Monday, 14th – Police Tournament – 27 holes starting at around 9.30am

Wednesday, 16th – Women – African Stableford

Thursday, 17th – Vet’s – there will be no official game as most of the vet’s are going to Waitikiri, but if you are not going you can organise your own haggle.

Saturday, 19th – LGU/Goblet    Men – Stroke

Sunday, 20th – Foursomes

MATCHPLAY – Rimas has asked that those who are behind in playing their matches to please get these played a.s.a.p.

Our Pro Am is fast approaching and how it will operate, will be dependent on what the announcement is tomorrow if there is any change in Level’s.

SUB’S – these are up for renewal as of 1st October, at which time invoices will be sent out, if you wish to make any changes to your membership, please let me know.

CLUB CHAMP FINALS for all is Saturday, 3rd October

HUNTING & FISHING MEN’S OPEN – Sunday, 25th October, list for names is on the Noticeboard

Well that is about it from me

Bye for now