Hi all,

              Another week of variable weather, causing the abandonment of Saturday’s game, never mind not long till Spring.

Weeks Results:

Thursday, 12th August – Vets – Stableford

Vets is becoming increasingly popular and today we had a record number, which is very pleasing, thankyou to Brian who dedicates his time in running this event.

Women – 9 Hole  Heather Jones  16,  Pennie Wilson  15    

18 Hole – 1st  Pauline Clifford  34,  2nd  Pauline Skipper  29,  3rd Judy York  28

CTP – Heather Jones

Men – 1st  Ray Canavan  38,  2nd  John Murray  37,  3rd  Tony Nixon  35,  4th  Eric Baynton  35,

 5th  Mike Hargreaves  35

CTP – John Murray

Sunday, 15th – Barron Pot

Congratulations to the winner of the day Steve Gordon 68,  2nd  Neil Pablecheque  70,  3rd  Tony Guthrie  71,

4th  Rimas Maciulaitis  72,  5th  Robbie Franklin  72,  6th  Gary Schott  73,  7th  Barry Voice 74,  8th  Geoff Harmon 74,

9th  Jordan Judge  74,  10th  Steve Rouse  74

CTP – Allan Heffer

Twos – Jordan Judge No. 4,  Steve Gordon  No. 13,  Eddie Eaton No. 18

Whats on Next Week

Wednesday, 18th – Women – Stableford

Thursday, 19th – Vets – Stableford

Saturday, 21st – Women – LGU/Goblet              Men – Par

Sunday, 22nd – Cholmondeley Cup Rd 2 – Stableford

SPRING TOURNAMENT, Saturday, 4th September Canadian Foursome’s (Mens’s and Mixed) list on the noticeboard, please get your names up, so Rimas can organise the prizes.

MATCHES – There are still a few that need to be played, please check dates and get them played.

That’s about it from me for now

See you soon