Hello everyone,

Hope you have all had a great week, not many sleeps now till Santa comes!!!   Steve and I to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year,  enjoy the time with your family and friends, take care and stay safe.

The week’s results:

Thursday, 12th – Vets Closing Day – Stableford

Women’s 9 Hole – 1st Chris Telfer  21,  2nd  Zelda Boyd  20,   Stableford Trohpy – Emiko Leary  57 points     – CTP – Zelda Boyd

                18 Hole – 1st  Judy York  42,   2nd  Judy Hickey  32,  3rd  Sharon Neal  30,  Stableford Trophy  – Judy York  45 points

Men – 1st  Barry Stammers  41,  2nd  Mike Hargreaves  40,  3rd  Ted Howard  39,  4th  Sam Leary  38,  5th  Mick York  38  – Stableford Trohpy  – Peter Harvey  120 points  CTP – Sam Leary

Vets Opening Day will be Thursday, 6th February, but there  will  a $5.00 haggle running each Thursday, over the next few weeks for those who are interested.   A big thankyou to Brian Richards, for organising this popular event and to Emiko Leary and Maureen Morris for their help in assisting.

Saturday, 14th – Summer Cup – Stableford

Women – Barb Ford  42

Men – 1st  Keith Yorston  45,  2nd  John McTeique  42,  3rd  Brian Ford  38,  4th  Ted Howard  38,  5th  Brian Williams  37

CTP – Mike Hargreave

Sunday, 15th – Christmas Cheer Tournament – a good field of 54 played, thankyou to our visitors mainly from Hawarden to joined our member’s to support this event.  Congratulations to all the winners

Women’s Div – 1st  Judy York  68,  2nd  Chrissie Mackie  69,  3rd Barb Ford  69,  4th  Maureen Morris  69,  5th Judy Hickey  70,  6th  Judy Burrows  70,  7th  Lyn Batchelor  71

CTP No.  4 and 18  Lyn Batchelor

Men’s Div 1 – 1st  Brad Page  63,  2nd  Barry Voice  64,  3rd  Peter Morrison  64,  4th  Jeff Dunshea  66,  5th  Tony Guthrie  68,  6th  Barney Muir  69,  7th  Phil Richardson  69,  8th  Craig Ladner  70,  9th  John Flynn  70,

                         10th  Peter Harvey  71,  11th  Wayne Newton  72,  12th  Richard Baxter  72,  13th  James Kilgour  72

Men’s Div 2    1st  Trevor Ruawai  64, 2nd  John McTeigue  66,  3rd  Liam Harnett  66,  4th  Max Walker  66,  5th  Keith Yorston  66,  6th  Gary Monk  67,  7th  Bryan Seddon  67,  8th  Rusty Arthur  68,  9th  John Allan  68, 

                         10th  Mike Hargreaves  69,  11th  Mick York  69,  12th  Brian Gaskell  69,  13th  Barrie Graham 

CTP No. 4 – Peter Harvey    No.  18  Hamish Scarsbrook

Twos – Hamish Scarsbrook No. 4 & 18,  Barry Voice  No. 13,  Chris Martin, Peter Harvey No. 18

What’s on next week:

Saturday, 21st and Sunday, 22nd Summer Cup

NEW YEARS DAY TOURNAMENT – SPONSORED BY CHARLES WIFFEN WINES – Wednesday, 1st January – $20.00 Entry Fee, full details on the Noticeboard.

Thats about it from me

Cheers Karin