Hi everyone,

Christmas day is sneaking up fast, I am sure you are all organised.

This weeks Results:

Thursday, 13th – Vets Closing Day – Stableford

Women’s 9 Hole –            1st Heather Jones  17                      2nd  Zelda Boyd     16

18 Hole-              1st Judy Burrows   40                    2nd  Maureen Morris  36

3rd  Judy York  35

CTP – Betty Van Berkel

Men –   1st  Eddie Eaton  42                 2nd  Dave Telfer  41           3rd  Spiro Cosmatos  39

4th  Kevin Genet  39                 5th  Garth Lawson  39

CTP – Steve Rouse

Stableford Trophy winners for 2018

Womens 9 Hole     –          Zelda Boyd  65                   18 Hole   –   Judy York  46                              Men  –  Gary Monk   118

A big thankyou to Brian Richard’s for organising the vet’s I am sure that everyone who appreciates the work that you put into running this weekly event and thanks also to Mick York who fill’s in when Brian is away.

Saturday, 15th – Summer Cup – Stableford

1st  Allan Heffer   44                        2nd  Rod Ensor  43             3rd  Barb Ford  40

4th  Allan Hickey  38                           5th Ray Canavan  38

Twos – Rod Ensor  No. 18

Sunday, 16th – Summer Cup – Stableford

1st  Trevor Ruawai  41                     2nd Steve Rouse  40            3rd  Nevin Wright  40

4th  Neil Whitehead  39                         5th  John Price  39

6th  Julian Holden  39                       7th  Kevin Genet  39

8th  Peter Harvey  38                       9th  Bryan Seddon  38


LOTTO –  Our lucky winner this week is Allan Heffer with No. 25

What’s on next week:

Thursday, 20th – Peter Harvey is running a $5.00 haggle  –  there will be limited catering and Mike Hargreaves will be looking after the bar,  Steve and I are having a couple of extra days off this week to spend some time with our grandies who arrive on Wednesday night.

Saturday, 22nd – Summer Cup

Sunday, 23rd – Barron Pot

BOXING DAY, Wednesday, 26th – Just a reminder there will be a $5.00 haggle usual time for those that want to come along.

CHARLES WIFFEN NEW YEAR’S DAY TOURNAMENT – Tuesday, 1st January – Full details on the Noticeboard – along with a sheet for entries.

Have an awesome week, if you are going away and may not get to read my last update next week, safe travels, a merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for the New Year.