Hi all,

       Well the year is certainly ticking along, with the AGM on Monday, 23rd and Closing Day Saturday, 28th.

 Nominations for Committee and Officer’s is on the noticeboard, if you have some inspiration and want to help our club move forward we need you!!!  If you are interested or require any information, please contact John Gibson 021 168 3384 or 3195840

ENTERING CARDS – Please make sure you fill out the scanning part of your card correctly, and do not force it into the scanner, there were a lot of problems yesterday which caused quite a delay in getting the cards entered, and problems with the scanner –    Thankyou for your co-operation.

CLUB DAY START TIME DURING SUMMER – Rimas has had quite a few requests by member’s to start earlier during the summer months, and after a lot of positive feedback starting time on Weekend Clubdays will now be from 11.00am – 12.00pm until further notice.

HAM RAFFLE – Tickets $2.00, are now on sale for our annual ham raffle and will be drawn prior to prize-giving Christmas Cheer Tournament.

FREEZER – The club is looking for a freezer, if you have one not in use that you would like to sell or donate please let us know.

This weeks results

Congratulations to Phil Richardson who had a “hole in One” on No 18 in the boy’s weekly Friday haggle.

Thursday, 18th – Vets – Stableford

9 – hole Women – Betty Van Berkel  16         18 – Hole – 1st  Pauline Clifford  38  2nd  Judy Burrows 36

CTP – Emiko Leary

Men – 1st  Gary Schott 40,  2nd  Tony Guthrie  40,  3rd  Michael Hargreaves  38,  4th  Barrie Stammers  38,  5th  Mark Ingham  38

Saturday, 14th – Stableford

1st  Ray Canavan  40,  2nd  Rimas Maciulaitis  39,  3rd  Steve Harrold  39,  4th  Jules Holden  38,  5th  Brian Williams  38, 

CTP  Mark Ingham and got his two

Sunday, 15th – Barron Pot

1st  Barney Muir  65,  2nd  Neil Pablecheque  65,  3rd  Jules Holden  69,  4th  Peter Morrison  69,  5th  John Price  69,

6th  Rod Ensor  70,  7th  Richard Baxter  70,  8th  Steve Gordon  71,  9th  Ray Canavan  71, 10th John Gibson  72,

11th  Luke Austin  72,  12th Ted Howard 72, 13th Ron Mackle  72, 14th Peter Harvey 72

CTP – Rob Franklin

Twos – John Flynn  No. 8,  18,  Luke Austin  No. 4,  Neil Pablecheque  No. 13

Whats on Next Week

Thursday, 19th – Vets – Stableford – 11.00am tee off

Saturday, 21st – Shootout  9.00am start

Sunday, 22nd – Eisenhower Teams – Nett  – previously rained off

CLOSING DAY FOR VETS – Thursday, 17th December – Full details will be available closer to the date

Well, that is about it from me,

Have a good week, take care

See you soon