Hello everyone,

              Very chilly conditions for golf this week, with not many attending club days.     

Weeks results

Thursday, 16th Vets – Stableford

Women – 9 Hole – Betty Van Berkel 14       18 Hole – 1st Barb Ford  32,   2nd  Judy Hickey  32

Men – 1st John Price  38,  2nd  Kevin Genet  36,  3rd  Eric Baynton  36,  4th  Eric Baynton  34

CTP – John Price

Visit to Waitikiri is planned for Thursday, 21st October, if you are interested, please let Brian know

Saturday, 18th – Women – LGU

Silver – Barb Ford 81,  Bronze – Jill Carpinter

Twos – Lyn Schott No. 4

Men – Par

1st  Peter Harvey  1,  2nd  Eddie Eaton  -1,  3rd  Doug Lawson -2

CTP – Peter Harvey and a two on No. 4

Sunday, 19th – Stroke

1st  Garry Monk  71, 2nd  John Price  72,  3rd Jordan Judge  72,  4th Peter Morrison  72,  5th Dave Telfer  74,

 6th Ted Howard 74, 7th Tony Guthrie  74,  8th  Peter Harvey  74

CTP – Garry Monk

Twos – Jordan Judge No. 18

Whats on Next Week

Monday, 20th – Holes No. 1 to 9 will be closed due to greens being scarified

Wednesday, 22nd – Women – Stableford

Thursday, 23rd – Vets – Stableford

Saturday, 25th – Women – Hidden Holes       Men – Stableford


Club champ finals – Saturday, 16th October

Subscriptions – these are up for renewal as of 1st October, please contact me if you wish to make any changes or have any other queries.    

That is about it from me

Keep well, stay safe

See you soon