Hi all,

As I am sure you are all aware there was a power outage on Friday morning, unfortunately as a result of this our card printer is not working and has been sent away for assessment.  In the meantime we are using photocopied cards, the scores can still be entered manually for handicapping, but we ask for your assistance in making sure all your details are correctly filled out with name, club number at the top  and signed either at the bottom or on the back.  Thankyou for your co-operation. 

Another good turnout for Pete’s Thursday Stableford Haggle –  Maureen Morris had the top score for the women with 35, 2nd Judy York 33

Men – 1st  Sam Leary  41,  2nd  Eddie Eaton  39,  3rd Steve Rouse  39,  4th  Rod Ensor  38,  5th  Trevor Ruawai  38,  6th  Peter Harvey  36

CTP – Ray Canavan

Saturday, 12th – Summer Cup – Stableford

Women – 1st Judy York  38,  2nd  Karin Rouse  36

Men – 1st  Eddie Eaton,  2nd Steve Gordon  38,  3rd  Geoff Smith   35,  4th   Luke Austin  34,  5th  Peter Harvey  34

CTP – Allan Heffer

Sunday, 19th – Summer Cup Stableford

1st  John Flynn  42,  2nd  Jeff Dunshea  41,  3rd  Aaron Reid  40,  4th  Bryan Seddon  40,  5th  Rimas Maciulaitis  39,  6th  Tony Guthrie,  7th  Hamish Scarsbrook  39,  8th  John Gibson  39,

9th  Peter Morrison  39,  10th  Alan Hickey  38

CTP – ??  Twos –  Peter Morrison,  Ted Howard,  Jeff Dunshea all on No. 4

What’s on Next Week

Thursday,  23rd – Pete’s $5.00 Haggle

Saturday, 25th – Sunday, 26th – Summer Cup – Stableford


Waitangi Day Tournament – Thursday, 6th February

Vets Opening Day – Thursday, 13th February

Club Opening Day – Saturday, 29th February

TOP DOG AND VETS MATCHPLAY  – A list of those wishing to play is now on the Noticeboard – please note that member’s must be fully financial to be eligible to play in any matchplay competitions.

KAIKOURA & TEMPLETON CUP TEAMS – Thankyou to those who have put their names forward to play, however there is still time to put your name up if you haven’t already.

Well that is about it for this week

See you all soon