Hi everyone,

             Hope you have all had an enjoyable week, it was great to finally have a fine weekend for golf, hopefully it continues for Labour Weekend.

Results of the week:

Thursday, 17th – Vets – Stableford

Women’s 9 Hole –  Emiko Leary  16                           18 Hole – Judy York  34

CTP – Emiko Leary

Mens – 1st Sam Leary 41,   2nd Peter Harvey 40,  3rd Barry Stammers  40

CTP – Eddie Eaton

Saturday, 19th – Stableford

Women – 1st  Lyn Batchelor  36,  2nd  Pauline Clifford  35,  3rd  Pauline Skipper  35

CTP – Lyn Batchelor

Men – 1st  Jules Holden  40,  2nd  Chris Dewet  39,   3rd  William Harrison  37,  4th  Mike MacLeod  36,  5th  Ted Howard  36   – our visitor’s from Marlborough seemed to be dominate over the locals today.

Two’s – Chris Dewet No. 4

CTP – Rusty Arthur

Sunday, 20th – Town v’s Country – Stableford

An enjoyable day with visitor’s from other clubs joining the field.   A big thankyou to Richard Howard and Liam Harnett for sponsoring the prizes which were well received by all winners.   

Town 35.94, Country 30.80

Women – 1st Lyn Batchelor  33,  2nd  Julie smith (Marlborough)  27

Men – 1st John Price  42,  2nd  Jules Holden  40,  3rd  JP Roberts  39,  4th  Ted Howard  39,  5th  Luke Austin  38,  6th  Barry voice  38,  7th  Peter Morrison  37   8th  Barrie Graham  37,  9th  Stephen Gordon  37,

10th  Tommy Eade  36,  11th John Flynn  36,  12th  Alan Hickey  36,  13th  Rod Ensor  35,  14th  Neil Whitehead  35,  15th  Sam Leary  34,  16th  Phil Richardson  34,  17th  Richard Baxter  34,

18th  Colin Tenant  34,  19th  Jack Denton  33

CTP – Sponsored by Farmlands   – Pauline Skipper   and Peter Harvey

Twos – Luke Austin, Richard Baxter, Jack Denton No. 4,  Jeff Dunshea, John Price No. 8, Eddie Eaton, Peter Harvey, Alan Hickey No. 18

Shot of the Day –  Colin Tenant who managed to put his tee shot off 18 inside the clubhouse about a metre away from the Men’s room  “ lucky the main door was open – so no breakages”

If you weren’t at prize giving and your name is listed above, you have a prize to collect.

VETS – Congratulations to Neil Pablecheque who won the final against Barney Muir on Saturday,     Senior Club Champ, Top Dog Finals and Mogeridge Cup matches are still to be played.

TROPHY – The Women’s Four Ball Trophy is missing, and we ask that it be returned a.s.a.p. so it can be sent away for engraving

THANKYOU – To all those who offered to help over the last few days in Steve’s absence, it was very much appreciated, hopefully he will be fit and well soon.

RACE DAY TOURNAMENT – Sunday, 3rd November    $20.00 entry fee  (Incls two’s and CTP’s)  – 10.00am to 12.30pm tee off.

That is about it for me