Dear Members,

           Nothing much to report, once again our club programme has been interrupted, such a shame with the lovely fine days we are having, we haven’t had much luck lately because of the rain, and now we have this thrown at us, however it was not unexpected, it was just a matter of when.

          We, the President, Committee and Management just wanted to touch base and make sure you and your families are doing ok and keeping well, it is unlikely we will get back to normality without restrictions anytime soon, it will just be a matter of how many steps it takes for us to get there:

                  Level 3 – you will be able to dust off your clubs, but the clubhouse has to remain closed

                  Level 2 –  clubhouse restrictions – limited seating – no self service – social distancing etc.. you know the drill – we have been down this road many times

                  Level 1 –  yeehah!! look forward to getting back to here to some normality

          I am sure we will all be glued to the TV at 4.00pm today anxiously waiting for the announcement, what ever the decision is,  it will have an effect on upcoming event’s especially the Police Tournament being a week today and Women’s Tournament’s a fortnight away.   

That is all from me, hopefully next time it I will have better news

Stay safe and keep well,

Take care,