Hi everyone,

            I am sure you are all keeping up with the current situation, it is inevitable that the Government will bring in further restriction’s in days to come, which will affect us all.   In light of the recent announcement of the over 70’s age group to stay at home , Brian Richards has cancelled Vet’s Day until further notice.     As a result of this and what is to come, future club event’s and tournament’s are in question, you will kept updated on any new developments.

This weeks results:

Vets,  Thursday, 19th – Visit from Waitikiri

Trophy:  Kaikoura won 34 points  to Waitikiri   33.64

Stableford   Men, Peter Harvey 43 ; Ron Mackle 40 ; Neville Smith 40 ; Kerry Harris 39 ; Gary Monk 39 ; Ian Boanas (W) 38 .

                        Ladies 18.  Judy Burrows 40;  Pauline Clifford 33.

                        Ladies  9 . Betty Van Berkel  22.

CTP.               Men;   #4  Neil Whitehead ;  #18  Steve Willcox (W)    Ladies;   #4 Maureen Morris

Saturday,  21st 

Men – Par

1st  Ron Mackle  +7,  2nd  Jules Holden +2,  3rd  Peter Harvey 

Sunday, 22nd – Oaro Cup

There were 32 players all receiving a prize, thanks to the generous sponsorhip from Bryan and Dorothy Seddon.


1st  and winners of the Oaro Cup  Maureen Morris/Ted Howard  66.4,  2nd  Deb and Barney Muir,  3rd  Barb Ford/Neil Whitehead  70,  4th  Lyn Batchelor/Bryan Seddon  70.

5th  Jenny Davies/Jules Holden  75.6,  6th  Judy and Alan Hickey  76.8,  7th  Val and Barrie Graham  79.6,  8th  John and John Gibson  80.2,  9th  Margie & Ron Mackle  83


1st  Dave Telfer/James Kilgour 70.3,  2nd  Eddie Eaton/Aaron Reid  70.8,  3rd  Jordan Judge/Rusty Arthur  71.4,  4th  Mark Ingham/Sam Leary  72.6,  5th  Luke Austin/John Flynn  76.4,

6th  Remis Maciulaitis/Peter Morrison  81,  7th  Liam Harnett/Chris Cuff  81.6

What’s on Next Week:

Wednesday,  25th – Women – O’Connor Cup, 1st Rd – Nett

Saturday, 28th – Women – Handicap Cup, 1st Rd       Men – Stroke

Sunday, 29th – Matchplay

Well that is enough from me at this point, please stay safe and keep well and I will be in touch soon with any further developments.