I guess we will all be waiting for the announcement on Level restrictions today, hopefully it will be good news for us so we can get back to some normality.   There have been a few outside tournaments that our member’s have been supporting, and some have come home with prizes, well done to the winner’s.

This weeks results:

Wednesday, 19th – Women – Quaiffe Plate 4th Rd – Putts

1st  Yvonne Gibson  30       2nd  Maureen Morris  32      3rd  Sharon Neal  33

CTP – Polly Ruawai    – Nice to see Polly back playing golf

Congratulations to Maureen Morris who was overall winner of the Quaiffe Plate

Thursday, 20th – Vets – Stableford

Women – 9 Hole  – Heather Jones  18      18 Hole – 1st Pauline Clifford  34,  2nd  Judy Hickey  33

Men – 1st  Craig Usmar  38,  Rimas Maciulaitis  37,  3rd  Morne Heenen  37,  4th  Peter Harvey  36,  5th  Mark Ingham  36, 

6th  John Price  35

Saturday, 22nd – Women – LGU/Goblet

Silver – Jill Carpinter  76

Bronze – 1st and winner of the Goblet Yvonne Gibson  74,  2nd  Thora Lawsosn  75,  3rd  Jenny Davies  75

CTP – Thora Lawson

Men – Stroke

1st  Mike Hargreaves  71,  2nd  Doug Lawson  72

CTP – Doug Lawson

Sunday, 23rd

9 Hole Women – Stableford  1st  Emiko Leary  16,  2nd  Betty Van Berkel  16

Men – Cholmondeley Cup 2nd Rd – 1st  Barry Voice  41,  2nd  John Price  38,  3rd  Chris Cuff  36,  4th  John Flynn  35,  5th  Gary Monk  35,

6th  Robbie Franklin  34,  7th  Peter Harvey  34,  8th  Jules Holden  34,  9th  Steve Rouse  34

CTP –Sponsored by Lobster Inn Tavern – Peter Harvey

Twos – Steve Rouse No. 1,  John Flynn

Whats on next Week

Wednesday, 26th – Women – Davies Cup Rd 3 – Stableford

Thursday, 27th – Vets – Tee off 11.00am

Saturday, 29th– Women – Matchplay                    Men – Bisque Par

Sunday, 30th – Matchplay

SPRING TOURNAMENT – Saturday, 5th September – Canadian Foursomes $20.00 entry fee per person, 11.30am start, please get your names up if you are wanting to play, so Rimas can organise prizes.

SLOW PLAY, we are a small club, and do not have large fields, nor do we play for Sheep Station’s therefore there is no reason that player’s should be held up by slow play.    It is etiquette to let player’s through if you are in a group that is holding up those behind,  as this not only put’s pressure on your own game,  but is frustrating for the player’s following you, do the right thing so everyone can enjoy their game.

That is about it from me

See you all soon