Hi there,

           Last week of January already and it’s going to be a warm one!!   Not many around in the weekend, however there was some good scores.

Weeks results

Thursday, 21st – Pete’s Haggle – Stableford

1st  Sam Leary  46,  2nd  Brian Williams 42,  3rd  Francis Nixon  38,  4th  Kevin Genet  38,  5th  Mike Hargreaves  38,

6th  Peter Harvey  37,  Eric Baynton  36,  8th  Rimas Maciulaitis  36

Saturday, 23rd – Summer Cup – Stableford

1st  Avrill Burrows  42,  2nd  Richard Howard  40,  3rd  Barrie Graham  39,  4th  Brian Williams  39,  5th  Ted Rollinson  38, 

Twos – Lyn Schott  No. 4

Sunday, 24th – Summer Cup – Stableford

1st  Ted Howard  47,  2nd  Ron Mackle  44,  3rd  Barrie Stammers  42,  4th  Tony Guthrie  41,  5th  John Sibson  38,

6th  Rimas Maciulaitis  37,  7th  Barney Muir  37

CTP – Sponsored by ITM – Rod Ensor

Twos – Ted Howard No. 4, Jules Holden No. 13 & 18,  Peter Harvey No. 13, Luke Austin, Rod Ensor,

Gary Schott No. 18

This week:

Thursday, 28th – Pete’s $5.00 haggle – 11.00am start    

Saturday, 30th – Summer Cup Final Round

Sunday, 31st – Stroke


Vets Opening Day – Thursday, 4th February

Waitangi Day tournament – Saturday, 6th February – plenty of spaces still available if you wish to play

Barron Pot – Sunday, 7th February

Club Opening Day – Saturday, 6th March

There will be no email from me next week – thank goodness you say!! As Steve and I will be going to Christchurch next Sunday arvo for a few days,  you will be in good hands as Frances will be looking after you most days in our absence.

See you all soon