Hi all,

      Sorry a bit late this week, I am sure you can understand after the busy weekend we had, which all went very well, thanks to the organisation by our Pro am committee and all those member’s who gave up their time and lent a helping hand which was very much appreciated, we couldn’t have done it without you.    A big thankyou also to our sponsor’s and those who participated, congratulations to all the winners


1st KAIKOURA REALTY – Thora Lawson, Ange Van Rooyen,  Jenny Davies, Ryan Chisnall    248

2nd AMMA MOTORS – Murray Huddy, Paul Dearden, Garry Monk, John Bae  240

3rd LOBSTER TAVERN – Tony Guthrie, Jeff Dunshea, Mike Hancock, Luke Toomey  239

4th KAIKOURA QUALITY SUITES – Peter Morrison, Mckenzie Selinger, Barry Voice, Harry Bateman  238

5th KAIKOURA HUNTING & FISHING – Ray Canavan, Rimas Maciulaitis, Mike Hargreaves, Jordan Loof  233

6th ITM KAIKOURA – Gary Gifkins, Craig Guthrie, Tony Nixon, Dongwoo Kang  230

7th EASYBEATS – Les Keys, Tim Wentmonth, Jules Holden, Woonchul Na  229

8th Garry Ritsma, Nicky West Brent Berry, Jonti Phillipson  229

9th LOBSTER MOTOR INN – Neil Pablecheque, John Flynn, Chris Cuff, Michael Hendry  229

10th HUCKS HAREM’S – Alan and Judy Hickey, Chrissie Mackie, Peter Fowler  228

11th J DIVER ELECTRICAL – John Diver, Peter Wallace, Mark Ingham,  Kieran Muir   227

12th KOWLEIGH FARM – Doug Lawson, Luke Austin, Barney Muir, Oscar Cadenhead  227

13th NULOOK ALUMINIUM – Rick May, Peter Gurr, Tim Abrahams, Mike Gainsford  225

CTP’S – SATURDAY – David Riordan No. 4/13,  Mckenzie Selinger  8, Geoff Harmon 18

TWOS – SATURDAY – Gary Monk No. 8/18, John McDonald, Brian Hampton, Dave Anderson No. 4, Brent Berry, Aaron Reid, Tony Guthrie, Rimas Maciulaitis  No. 8, Thora Lawson, Naera Parata, Paul Yates, Jamie Hunter, Barry Voice, John Flynn No. 18

CTP’S – SUNDAY – Brian Hampton No. 4, Brent Berry No. 8, Greg Dunfoy No. 13, Barry Voice No. 18

TWOS – SUNDAY – David Riordan No. 4/13, Michael Eady No 4/18, Tim Wenmoth, Andrew Smith, Lochie O’hara, Jeff Riordan, Jason Arnst, Duane Mundy, David Ironside No. 4, Tom Davies, Grant Newport No. 8, Barry Voice, Mike Howat, Geoff Harmon, Alan Hickey, Bob Burt No. 18

PGA NZ Facebook page – you might like to check this out if you haven’t already, some great photo’s complimenting the scenery around our course.

Thursday, 1st October – Vets – 11.00am tee off

Saturday, 3rd – Club Champ Finals –  Please note 9.00am start

Sunday, 4th – Stroke

Well that is it from me, see you all soon