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Hope you all enjoyed the short working week, last one for awhile, our Anzac Day Tournament was a great success with 52 in the field, possibly had a lot to do with visitor’s staying on after Easter Weekend making a decent break away.


This weeks results:

Anzac Tournament, Thursday, 25th – Stableford


1st  Helen Neame     37                   2nd  Thora Lawson  32               3rd  Chris Plimmer  31

4th  Chrissie Mackie  30

CTP – No. 18 – Helen Neame

Mens – Div 1

1st  Jules Holden  40                 2nd  Luke Austin  40                    3rd  Neil Pablecheque  38

4th   Doug Lawson  38              5th  Liam Harnett  38

6th  Aaron Reid  37                           7th   Dave Mackie  36            8th  Tony Guthrie  36

Div – 2

1st  Barrie Stammers  38             2nd  Bryan Seddon  37               3rd  Eric Baynton  36

4th  Vinnie Mackle  36                  5th  Gary Monk  36

6th  Ray Canavan  36                     7th  Dave Telfer  35                    8th  Ted Howard  35

CTP No. 18 – Mick York

Twos:   Gary Monk No. 4, Helen Neame No. 8, Ted Howard, Gerald Nolan No. 18

Saturday, 27th

Women – Handicap Cup 2nd Rd Nett, LGU/Goblet

Yvonne Gibson cleaned up this weekend winning the goblet, 1st  in Bronze division with 69 and the Handicap Cup with rounds of 75/69  (144)

LGU – winner in Silver Division Chrissie Mackie 73

Bronze –       2nd  Thora Lawson  71               3rd  Ange Van Rooyen  71

CTP – Jill Carpinter

Men – Nett

1st  James Kilgour  69             2nd  John Gibson  70             3rd  Peter Harvey  71

4th  Ron Mackle  72                 5th  Mike Hargreaves  73

CTP – Mike Hargreaves

MARLBOROUGH JUNIOR VISIT- The course was alive with keen young golfer’s on Saturday morning, enjoying some golfing experience on our course, some played 4 holes others 9 depending on their ability.   The parent’s were out there in force supporting these youngsters,  after which there was a prize giving and refreshments, hot chips and ginger beer were a big hit!!  This was organised by the Marlborough Junior Golf Society and Toni Batey.

One of our juniors Jaxon Reid now has an official handicap and Jimmy Rumble having only one card to go in before he gets his, hopefully these boys will follow in their father’s footsteps and one day get their names on the championship boards.

Sunday, 28th – Stableford

Div 1 – 1st  Barry Voice  39                    2nd  JP Roberts  33

Div 2 –  1st  Doug Lawson  43                2nd  John Flynn  41            3rd  Dave Mackie  39

4th  Tony Guthrie  37                              5th  Allan Heffer  37

Div 3 –  1st  Mike Neal  37                        2nd  Ron Mackle  36          3rd  Neil Whitehead  36

CTP – Bryan Seddon

Twos – Bryan Seddon, Tony Guthrie, Dave Mackie No. 18, Kevin Genet No. 4,

Whats on Next Week:

Wednesday, 1st May Women  – Davies Cup Rd 3

Thursday, 2nd – Vets – Tee off 11.00am

Saturday, 4th – Women – LGU       Men – Stableford

Sunday, 5th – Bishops Cup (Nett)   and our Women’s Interclub team are playing Blenheim at Blenheim, we wish them all the best.

CHEVIOT MEN’S OPEN is on Wednesday, May 1st – I have attached full details for those that maybe interested in going.

HURUNUI PLATE – Kaikoura is hosting this event on Monday, May 6th – the women are  starting around 10.30am off  No. 1, 10 and 14. Tees.

KAIKOURA HUNTING AND FISHING MENS OPEN – Saturday, 1st and Sunday, 2nd June, full details and entry sheet on the noticeboard, please get your names up

VET’S, TOP DOG AND BAXTER CUP DRAWS are on the noticeboard, make sure you check what date your matches have to be played by.

That’s me done for the week,

See you all soon