Hi all,

       Firstly, we welcome new member’s Kevin Day, Tapila Allen (Full),  Hamish and Bruce Binnie (Country), I am sure you will soon settle in and enjoy the clubs facilities.  

Bar Prices – as from today the following new prices will take effect:

                     Beer – 750ml bottles $9.00,  all 335ml  $5.50,  except light beers $4.50, 

                     Spirits – Poured $6.50   RTD’s  $7.00

                     Barron Pot – $4.00

All other prices will remain the same. 

Weeks results:

Wednesday, 28th – Women – Quaiffe Plate – Putts

1st  Cath Jopp  28,  2nd  Chrissie Mackie  30,  3rd  Ange Van Rooyen  30

Congratulations to Judy Hickey the overall winner of the Quaiffe Plate over 4 rounds

Thursday, 29th – Vets – Stableford

Women – 9 Hole – Betty Van Berkel 18        18 Hole – 1st  Pauline Skipper  36,  2nd  Maureen Morris  36


1st  Ray Canavan   43,  2nd  Tony Nixon  38,  3rd  Rory Alexdander  37,  4th  Jules Holden  35,  5th  John Price  35

CTP – Geoff Harmon

Saturday, 31st – Women – LGU

Silver  – Chrissie Mackie  73     Bronze –  1st  Jenny Davies  74,  2nd  Yvonne Gibson  76

CTP – Jill Carpinter

Men – Stroke

1st Ray Canavan  71,  2nd  Barrie Graham  73,  3rd  Rory Alexander  74

CTP – Gary Schott

Twos – Ray Canavan No. 4, Rory Alexander No. 8

Sunday, 1st August – Stableford

1st  Chris Cuff 42,  2nd  John Gibson  40,  3rd  Rory Alexander  37,  4th  Garry Monk  36,  5th  Kevin Genet  35,

6th  Rimas Maciulaitis  35,  7th  Robbie Franklin  35,  8th  Phil Richardson  35

CTP – Robbie Franklin                 No Twos

Whats on next week

Wednesday, 4th – Women – Stableford

Thursday, 5th – Vets – Stableford

Saturday, 7th – Women – Hidden Holes                  Men – Par

Sunday, 8th – Barron Pot

Upcoming –

CHEVIOT MEN’S OPEN, Sunday, 15th August – there will be a group going from here, if you are interested, please put your name on the list, entries close 13th August

POLICE TOURNAMENT, Monday, 30th August

SPRING TOURNAMENT, Saturday, 4th September, full details and list for entries on Noticeboard, please put your names up

WOMEN’S 3 DAY TOURNAMENT, Monday, 6th – Wednesday, 8th September – Thankyou to all our ladies who have entered, we have big number’s this year, and entries were closed off early.  The course will be closed over these three days

KAIKOURA HUNTING & FISHING PRO AM – 21st Anniversary –  Saturday, 9th and Sunday 10th October,   Entry Forms are available from the office or can be emailed on request.

FREEZER – If anyone has a spare Freezer that is surplus to requirements and would be interested either donating or selling to the club, to accommodate the supply of stock required for the these tournaments, it would be very much appreciated.    If you can help please contact me.

MENS MATCH PLAY – Rimas is very happy that all matches are on track, thankyou everyone.

Well that is it from me

Have a great week,

See you all soon