Hi all,

            Good turnout each day despite the very warm conditions last week and looking like it will continue over the next few days, good for the bar sales!!!

For those who may not know one of our past loyal member’s Marjorie Ferry passed away last week.

Weeks results:

Thursday, 30th – Pete’s $5.00 Haggle

1st  Steve Rouse  42,  2nd  Eddie Eaton  41,  3rd  Eric Baynton  40,  4th  Ron Robson  40,  5th  Mike Neal  40,  6th  Ray Canavan  40

CTP – Peter Harvey

Saturday, 1st February – Final Round Summer Cup

Women – 1st  Maureen Morris  39,  2nd  Karin Rouse  36

Men –  1st  Dave Mackie  42,  2nd  Brian Williams  39,  3rd  Alan Hickey  39,  4th  Eddie Eaton  39,  5th  Allan Heffer  36

CTP – Alan Hickey  Twos – Stephen Gordon  No. 4, Alan Hickey No. 18

Sunday, 2nd February – Nett

1st Steve Rouse  58,  2nd  John Gibson  68,  3rd  Bryan Seddon  68,  4th  Barrie Graham  68,  5th  Phil “Richardson  68,  6th  Ron Mackle  69,  7th  Geoff Harmon  70,  8th  Alan Hickey  71,  9th  Allan Heffer  71

CTP – John Gibson   Twos  –  Steve Rouse  No. 4 and 18

Whats on this week

Thursday, 6th Feb – Waitangi Day Tournament – $20.00 entry fee – reporting 11.30am for 12noon start

Saturday, 8th – Par

Sunday, 9th – Barron Pot

That is about from me…..probably forgotten something…….but it’s too hot to think!!!!!!!!

See you all soon