Hi everyone,

Weeks results:

Vets – Thursday, 1st March  – Nett

Ladies – 9 hole                  1st  Zelda Boyd   34

-18 hole                   1st Marg Chapman   78                   2nd  Judy York      84

3rd  Judy Hickey    84

Mens – 18 hole

1st  Peter Harvey   70             2nd  Barry Graham   70                3rd  Spiro Cosmatos  72

3rd  Spiro Cosmatos  72        4th Ron Mackle   72            5th   Rusty Arthur  72

CTP        Peter Harvey

Twilight – Friday, 2nd – Stableford

1st  JP Roberts  22             2nd   John Flynn  21                          3rd  Aaron Reid   21

4th  Karin Rouse   20         5th  Rodney Goodman   20             6th  Ben Ford   20

Jubilee Cup – Saturday, 3rd Canadian Foursomes

Mixed                   Winners of the Jubilee Cup Judy Hickey and Peter Harvey  67

2nd  Judy York and Ben Ford   68.4                           3rd   Dave Mackie and Barb Ford

4th  Chrissie Mackie and Allan Heffer   73.6             5th  Judy Burrows and Ron Mackle   75.6

Mens                    John Gibson and Mark Ingham

CTP – Ladies:      Lyn Batchelor                    Men:    Rob Gell

Sunday, 4th – Stableford         1st  Ben Ford 44          2nd  Trevor Ruawai  43

3rd  Luke Austin  42                4th Josh Boyd  42         5th Richard Howard  41

6th  Aaron Reid  40

CTP                       Alan Hickey

Twos:                   Richard Howard and Alan Hickey No. 18            John Price  No. 13

Rick Rumble, Trevor Ruawai and Josh Boyd No. 4

LOTTO: This weeks winner was John Flynn with No. 3


LADIES OPENING DAY: Wednesday, 7th    10.30am tee off, 9 holers 12.30pm, please bring a plate for afternoon tea on the 18th Tee in rememberance of our dear friend Barb Muir, this will be around 2.30pm if you are unable to play golf.

VETS DAY: Thursday, 8th – Tee off 11.00am

TWILIGHT: Friday, 9th – 9 Holes – $7.00 entry fee – $8.00 meal available – tee off between 4.30  and 5.00pm.   Good prizes

SATURDAY, 10th – Ladies:   LGU/Goblet                                  Men:   Stroke

SUNDAY, 11TH –  OARO CUP, Mixed Canadian Foursomes, 18 holes – tee off 12.00noon

VETS AND TOP DOG, if you haven’t had the chance to put your names up for these two events, then please do so, a.s.a.p., it seems that the list was put up earlier that it should have and quite a few have missed being entered.

Thats if from me, have a great week

Take care