Hi there,

          As you are aware the weekend was to have been our Pro am, it was unfortunate that it had to be put off until next year, however we still had quite a few teams and Pro’s coming to support the club over the last three days, making for another busy weekend, they were all very complimentary about how great the course was and enjoyed spending time at the 19th after their round.       

         Some of you may have seen our new Surrounds mower by the practice green over the weekend, the club recently was granted some funding from Aotearoa Gaming Trust, to enable us to purchase this new addition to our fleet of machinery, some member’s have already noticed the difference on the areas the mower has been used.

         Native trees have been planted behind the 15th Green back towards the men’s 16th tee, some of these were kindly donated by Jordan Judge one of our country members, a big thankyou to Jordan who also, together with Surf planted them, and to Doug Lawson for assisting Surf in keeping them watered.   

Results for the week

Thursday, 4th – Vets – Stableford

Womens – 9 Hole – 1st  Penne Wilson  16,  2nd  Heather Jones  16     19 Hole – 1st  Frances  Tapiata  37  2nd   Judy Hickey  35

CTP – Judy York

Men – 1st  Spiro Cosmatos  39,  2nd  Doug Lawson  38,  3rd  Peter Harvey  37,  4th  Ray Canavan  37, 

5th  Ron Mackle  37

Saturday, 6th – Women Ambrose

1st  Lyn Schott/Angela Van Rooyen  75,  2nd  Jill Carpinter/Barb Ford  79,  3rd  Sharon Neal/Yvonne Gibson  79.8

4th  Margie Mackle/Judy Hickey  86

Men – Stableford

1st  Tony Pole  42,  2nd  Ron Mackle  38,  3rd  Peter Harvey  37,  4th  John Gibson  36,  5th  Eddie Eaton  35,

6th  Tony Marriner  35

CTP and a two on 18  John Flynn

Sunday, 7th – Stroke

1st  Vin Mackle  69,  2nd  Richard Clemett  70,   3rd  Jules Holden  71,  4th  Mark Ingham  71,  5th  Peter Morrison  72,

6th  Rimas Maciulaitis  72

CTP – Richard Clemett

Twos – Doug Lawson No. 4,  Ted Howard No. 13, Peter Harvey, Richard Clemett, Greg Dunfoy No. 18

Whats on

Wednesday, 10th – Women’s Closing Day – 9 holes golf 10.30am followed by Lunch at Dolphin Encounter 12.30pm

Thursday, 11th – Vets – Stableford, 11.00am tee off

Saturday, 13th – Stableford for both Men and Women

Sunday, 14th – Barron Pot – final qualifying round for the Shootout

Saturday, 27th – Club Closing Day and Presentations

Monday, 29th November– AGM

NOMINATIONS FOR OFFICER’S AND COMMITTEE, we have had a good response, however we would welcome any member interested in getting involved with the future running of our club.

TOP DOG FINAL was won by Neil and Aaron Pablecheque against  Rod Ensor and Alan Hickey last weekend and there are still two matches to be played in the VETS.

That is about it from me for this week

See you all soon