Dear Members,

It was certainly a week of all four seasons, with Monkeys Mob being rained off and a scorching temperature on Sunday, hopefully some settled weather is on its way!

First up a friendly reminder that for those who have not paid their subs, they are due for payment on the 20th December, any queries please contact the 
Club Manager, Thank you.

Results for the week:

Thursday, Vets Closing Day: 34 PlayersLadies 9-hole 
Game of the Day – Heather Jones 21, Zelda Boyd 17.
Stableford Trophy 2023 Winner – Betty Van Berkel 47, 2nd Zelda Boyd 44, 3rd Pennie Wilson 41.

Ladies 18-hole Game of the Day – Frances Tapiata 40, Gabrielle Young 38, Judy Burrows 35.  CTP – Carol Bates.  
Stableford Trophy 2023 Winner – Judy York 16, 2nd Karin Rouse 12, 3rd Frances Tapiata 9.

Game of the Day – John Murray 43, Richard Williams 42, Neville Smith 38, Jason Wilson, Ron Mackle 37, CTP – Chris Cuff.
Stableford Trophy 2023 Winner – John Price 100, 2nd Garry Monk 83, 3rd Peter Harvey 79.  

A big Thank You to Brian Richards who does a great job running this very popular event and has done so for many years.  Brian has advised that he will continue to run the Vets when it starts up on Thursday, 1st February, 2024. However, he has asked if anyone would be interested in taking over the running of this next year.

Saturday was the Christmas Hamper Tournament – there was a great turnout with a field of 57 players and a very warm 32deg!  I am sure the cold refreshments at the 19th were enjoyed by all.  The results were as follows:

LadiesFrances Tapiata 70, Chrissie Mackie 71, Lyn Batchelor 72, Judy Hickey, Gabrielle Young 73.  
Men Div 1Peter Morrison 68, John Price 69, Jeremy Steele 70, Aaron Reid 71, Jimmy Oscar, John Deacon (both from Coringa), Richard Baxter all on 72, Richard Howard 73, Steve Gordan 75.  
Men Div 2Graham Branton 69, Jordan Dunfoy 70, Tony Guthrie, Geoff Harmon 72, Ray Canavan, Barney Muir 73, Tony Nixon, Kevin Genet, John Gibson, Alan Hickey all on 75.  
CTP:No. 4 – Lyn Schott, Jason Wilson No 18 – Avrill Burrows, Alan Hickey  
Two’sLyn Schott, Jason Wilson, Alan Hickey No.4, Dave Mackie No. 8, Aaron Reid No. 17, Lyn Batchelor, Alan Hickey No. 18.  

This week’s programme:

TuesdayMonkey’s Mob 11 am  
Thursday11am – Nothing official organised but someone may organise a haggle.  
FridayTwilight, 9 Holes  Mens and Ladies, $5. 3:00 – 5:30pm tee off.  
Saturday12 noon Men Summer Cup – Stableford  
SundayNothing on the programme  
MondaySanta is coming!!

Take care,